About Us

Aspirar Pharmacy is a pioneer in compounding, retail, and long-term care. Our pharmacy was founded in an effort to bring quality and value to our customers and to help people live their lives to their fullest potential. We accomplish this by working with high quality manufacturers, maintaining a top quality pharmaceutical facility, and by employing only the best employees who bring many years of highly qualified skills to our team.

Located in Cary, North Carolina, our state-of-the-art facility is equipped to compound any medication in specific to your individual needs. We customize medications to suit any individual, whether you are a child or an elderly.

Aspirar Pharmacy is a proud member of the American College of Apothecaries. Additionally, we are working towards PCAB’s seal of accreditation and currently implementing these policies.

Our experienced staff continues to advance their skills and training through ongoing continuing education to maintain the standard of highest accreditation.

Please contact us directly through email at ask@aspirarpharmacy.com or by telephone at (919) 977-9011 or by fax (855) 396-1491. Our staff will assist you with any questions.